Original Mead

Original Mead


What is this mead stuff?


Mead, or honey wine, is the oldest known fermented alcoholic drink. Championed by the Vikings and featured prominently throughout their tales, SKÅL MEAD is a tribute to their love for the drink, crafted in small batches by hand, combining tradition with true advancements in wine production.

But how does it taste?

Delicate floral notes backed by a full body and a lasting finish, embellished by layers of sweet honey give this wine a truly unique identity. For years this fine mead has been developed to be sweet but not too sweet, clean tasting and fantastically moreish!

But what makes yours so special?

Because our mead is crafted in such small batches no two batches are exactly the same. This brings an exciting aspect to our mead similar to production of high end grape wines.

Nowadays we say cheers, or something to that effect.

The Vikings simply said